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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Only 2 more days until we HIT the ROAD!!

Today is Sunday - and I have packed Brextin's going away bag along with mine - I have no idea how I will be able to fit everything into a mini-van - My cousin will probably shake her head once she sees all of the items that I am bringing with me -

I need to pack his:
Exersaucer, a baby bath tub, his suitcase, my suitcase, my laptop and webcamera, my portable DVD player, his therapy items - communication devices, z-vibe, organic baby food, his wheelchair, a portable crib, drugs and supplements, etc (it seems to be a TON of stuff)

We went to a church in the community in which I teach at - and they sure do have warm and strong hearts - they have been praying for our son for months and they strongly feel that the good Lord will hear our prayers and heal our son - we can only hold onto faith, hope, love, and prayer!

I have to believe and do what I can do for our son -

My mom keeps me grounded and reminds me that not all children see success with Oxygen therapy and intensive therapy - but as a parent - who cares for a special needs child each and every day - I can NOT give up on HOPE! HOPE is needed to keep me grounded and moving forward -

Christopher Reeves once said, "Once you choose hope, anything is possible!"

Please if you believe in prayer - please say one for our son and our family. I hope and pray that our son will be able to handle the intensive therapy and oxygen and that we will see success - along with safe travels as we hit the road.

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