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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A wonderful drive and today!

I left this morning at 7:00 and got to the center at 7:35 - there was absolutely no slowness on the highway - it was a great commute!

Brextin of course slept as soon as he hit the road and he even slept through the dive - and now we are at therapy and he is again getting sleepy eyes - our little guy is getting very worn down.-

I met a wonderful gal from Honduras - she is a spanish teacher in Milwaukee, WI and her sister's son is receiving oxygen therapy hoping it will help with his speech and autism - it is nice to have others to talk to while at the HBO center. We ended up discussing the cost of the dives- and she was quoted $4500 for 40 dives and a month of hotel stays - but since she would be commutting back and forth and not using the hotel stays - it would only cost $3,000 -

So let me get this straight - I to do not currently have the hotel stay - but I am paying $4,000 why are we all not paying the same price- it just isn't fair - they were told it was because it was off season peak - but I believe we are in the peak season right now - hmmm Life is to short to wonder why. I would think the center would figure out that people do talk with each other and ask certain questions -

I am typing this during his therapy session and he is fighting and I mean fighting to stay awake - in 30 minutes we head out again to do another oxygen dive -

I have typed this blog entry twice and it keeps not saving - hopefully if I remember anything from the past two times that I have attempted to type - I will add it later.

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