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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Video of him getting in 4 point.

Brextin has been tipping over while sitting (this is because he has begun to push with his hands on the floor and rock back and forth but he doesn't realize he is so strong that he pushes himself right over)- and I have been doing my best and not catching him - which is hard - since I don't really want him to tip over - but it has been interesting in seeing what he does as he tips over - the therapist are working on teaching him how to balance and catch himself. This is a video of him as he just tipped over - you can see he is getting himself into 4 point - he actually even scoots forward - kinda crawling - it is pretty exciting to see him do this.


  1. BRextin is really trying, Randi. This video is fantastic!!! Mom

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