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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a wonderful DAY!!

We had two great dives no seizures and he worked very hard today at therapy. He even napped when he was suppose to. It has been a struggle to allow time for him to have oxygen dives, eat, sleep, and do therapy all in a day period - but today was great!! It is 7:00 right now and I plan on taking him down to the pool for some water therapy - I will bring my camera down and if he is really active with his neck ring on - I will take a little video and post it tonight as well -

I am getting very anxious for another frozen dinner - hmm let me see - do I want frozen chicken, or frozen Salisbury steak - hmm tough call - I guess it beats what Brextin has to eat - gotta go and get my suit on!

We did swim last night as well - I couldn't figure out why we were the only ones swimming in a heated pool - maybe it was because it was over 90 degrees outside - ooh well their loss. Brextin even made waves!

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