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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another great day!

Last night I began to pack up - tonight I will be filling up the van - so after therapy is done tomorrow - we will be heading home to share some time with the rest of the family - I sure do miss them!

Then on Sunday I will be checking into a hotel that is located about 1/2 block from his therapy center called Communication Innovations. I am not looking forward to unpacking and then packing up again - but the following Friday our family will be staying in the Dells - and there is no sense of paying for a hotel room when we won't be staying there - but then after the Dells I will be staying put at the same hotel.

Brextin has been working very very hard at therapy - the center has requested that I bring his gait trainer that we have at home back with me - it was the one that was loaned to us from Elijah - I am praying it will be the "traveling gait trainer"meaning that we will be able to return it back to them as soon as he begins to walk - there hasn't been a huge improvement in his walking skills - but I need to stay positive - he is able to lift and move his foot forward which is a step.

I do believe Brextin has been more vocal as we are doing the oxygen treatments and the speech therapists here at the center are working on moving his tongue around for exploration - he is able to lift his tongue to touch the top of his front teeth and can even make a clicking sound.

I just need to laugh when I see our little guy - he can be wide awake one minute and sleepy the next - I think he tends to play possum - luckily the therapists haven't been playing his game and they do as much as they can to stimulate him -

While Brextin is at the therapy center they are working on body strength in the arms, legs, and in the middle - along with speech. They often have him flying in the cage, side sitting, practicing prone position, walking with a gait trainer, and of course jumping. Jumping will usually wake him up - he LOVES to bounce.

He went to bed last night around 10 and I had to wake him up this morning around 6:00 - he even stayed awake this morning during the first dive and fell asleep right afterwards - I even had a moment to check out the garden center that is located next store - it was nice to find a little of "me" time. When I placed him in the pack and play last night he was laying on his side - but when I got him up this morning he had moved - I haven't figured out how he got to the position he was in - but he was on his back and turned by at least a 45 degree angle -

I am in the process of finding an umbrella stroller that can recline - the current stroller that I am using is from a thrift sale and it doesn't recline and it doesn't allow him to sit up straight - it allows him to slouch and it is tough to feed him in - I have been using it as a high chair - I decided on not bringing his wheel chair because it is so big and way to HEAVY to be bring in and out - for short trips. Here is a link to his current wheel chair.

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