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Friday, June 19, 2009

Brextin had another seizure!

We had a terrible night last night - there was a tornado that was spotted about 6 miles from where we were staying - so we were in the basement around 2:00 this morning and the storm was heading South toward Jansville. We came up stairs around 3:30 - then I got up extra early so I could pack up the van for our adventure home to visit big brother and daddy!! I promised my cousin that I would continue to visit while we are here - we very seldom get to see each other.

This mornings oxygen dive was good - we even got our picture taken by the oxygen center - they plan on updating their brochures. Then afterwards I changed his diaper and he ended up having a seizure on the changing table - it lasted about 1 minute - and he quickly zonked out afterwards - he has been able to sleep for about 2 hours and we are attempting PT - right now - however he is very very sleepy - but he is trying his hardest - he sure is a strong little boy.

Last night we were practicing on rolling over and over - and when he was placed on his belly he got into 4 point all by himself!! 4 point is when you pull your knees up under your chest and raise up on your hands while lifting your head. I was ecstatic - he even did some rocking - I must admit - I am glad we are heading home to visit family even though it is only for a short period of time - when I am alone with him for such a long period of time - I get thinking about his future and so much is unknown that it scares me and I just break down - people say it will get easier as time goes on - but personally it has been really really tough!!

Brextin is currently doing some yoga moves- I will try to take some pictures so you can enjoy it as much as I am. He is getting his tongue out further and further each day - that is a positive for possibly sounds in the days to come.

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