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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More seizures :-(

Today was not a good day - he had 3 small seizures while in the chambers - we also had a follow up appointment with Dr. VanDyke and he mentioned it is not uncommon to have an increase in seizures in the beginning - however they should be occurring less as the dives continue. There are a total of 40 dives and we are now half-way done - we did our 20th dive today.

We also will be trying some more supplements - Andy is not keen on the supplements but again I will try anything - the Dr. suggested Vitamin C, a probiotic, taurine, and one other one that I can not recall - I don't plan on introducing them while doing the Oxygen treatments - If I do start any of them - it will be the vitamin C - he thinks it might help with his stools.

I am still working it out with his other therapy center - they have given me a number to call to begin the paper work to fight the denied claims from the state - our current insurance company only allows 40 sessions a year for OT, PT, and ST - which is less than one time a week for the full year and so there are about 12 sessions that were not covered by insurance -

To make things even more confusing our district will be switching insurance carriers as of July 1st and I am trying to figure out how many sessions they will cover -

Today Brextin was very very tired - the seizures could have worn him out - or maybe the weather did it to him (it got to 98 here in Madison) - or maybe he is just worn out from all of the appointments - but today during speech he was not his talkative self - but he did find sometime to enjoy a little bouncing - I will post a video of him bouncing - the toughest part is getting him to only stand and not bounce - since he loves to bounce so much -

We just got home from therapy and it is 7:11 he is crashed out on top of my bed - I need to wake him up for seizure meds and feed him one last time - we might try to get into the pool tonight - but I still need to eat as well -

Last night Rebecca and Eliza wanted to get together - but the night just isn't long enough for us to do everything - I could really use a little R&R in the hot tub - but by the time we eat dinner, update this blog, and provide baths - it is around 8:30 or 9:00 - and our day then begins all over again around 6:00 am.

I am so glad that I went forward with the hotel room - it has been nice - I have came up here a couple of times to eat my frozen dinner while Brextin is at therapy - since it is just 1/2 block away I even get in a little walk - the only downside is that I need to pack up everything this Thursday night and then unpack it for our Dells get away - I am so looking forward to the Dells - so far the weather report states rain on Saturday and sun on Sunday - however it is still a long ways away and I am hoping for nice weather - however a little cooler than 100 would be an asset.

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