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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another wonderful day!

We had another wonderful day - except that he woke up at 5:20 instead of 6:00 - so his naps were a little off - but we had no seizures - which is always great -

I am getting excited for our Dell's trip - except for the chance of severe storms approaching all day this Saturday - however on Sunday it appears to be better weather -

My husband plans on driving down on Friday to the Dells and I will meet up with them when his last therapy session ends which is 6:30 - so we should arrive in the Dells around 7:30 or 8:00 - I am even more excited that I won't be eating any more frozen food - for the next few days -

My parents will be driving down as well - as soon as my dad gets off of work - they are coming down to help watch Brextin while I am able to spend some time with his older brother.

Tonight I am so lucky enough to have a Boston Market - Salisbury Steak / macaroni and cheese dinner - (they are actually pretty good) and for lunch I enjoyed a frozen Marie Callender's Al Dente Pasta - Tortellini Romano - I sure wish it was a REAL steak!

Today Brextin had a corn chip during speech - he even took a bite - it was really cute - he had good lip closure. Plus his physical therapist said he took some steps on his own on the treadmill. It all begins with the little steps. He is currently laying on the floor just talking away - he sure does babble - I plan on eating and then maybe taking him down to the pool - or I might just chill in the room tonight - since we will be in the water a lot over the weekend.

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