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Monday, June 15, 2009

We will be moving into a hotel near by the therapy center.

I have not told my cousin yet - but will be moving to a hotel near the therapy center on Sunday -

The reason is that this morning was a challenge as was last week - there is construction on highway 14 and it is down to one lane - and with people wanting to get onto the highway from Oregon and Stroughton it can be a very long sit on the highway as everyone tries to merge - this morning I left at 7:00 thinking I would be able to get the HBO center early to feed Brextin however we didn't arrive until 5 minutes to 8:00 and David was ready for us at 8:00 so he didn't get to eat until we were done with his first dive -
I just don't want to risk missing an oxygen dive - and am not interested in leaving any earlier than 7:00 when our first dive isn't scheduled until 8:30.

However the ride home only took 25 minutes - that is because we leave therapy at 6:00 so we avoid the rush hour - the hotel in which we will be staying at is right down the road from the therapy center - we can actually walk there - plus - the gal that I met from the Internet is staying at the same hotel so it will be nice to connect with her again - and there is a grocery store right across the street, along with many restaurants and park less than one block away - I am very anxious to have everything in one location -

I am however, very thankful for my cousin to share her home with me and our son - they have wonderful hearts and am very touched that they allowed us to share their home with them -

The second dive today was again uneventful (this has been a blessing!!)- he is getting his tongue out more and more each and everyday - the naps have been a struggle (you can see in the photo above how tired he appears while working hard) - but lately the therapist have been rubbing his legs and his eyes just pop open - it has been amazing -

I am planning on driving home this weekend to spend sometime with my oldest son and to share Father's day with my husband - my guess is that he will escape to go fishing and allow me time with our two boys. So I won't be checking into the hotel until Sunday - However - I am not looking forward to the 3 hour drive and packing and unpacking and doing it all over and over and over again.

It seems confusing but since I haven't seen my oldest son for awhile - we will be having a family weekend in the Dells -my parents will be joining us as well - to help with Brextin - so I will actually check into the hotel this Sunday and stay for about 5 days and then check out - go to the Dells hotel and then head back to the hotel near the therapy center (however it won't be the same hotel room). The hotel room in which I will be staying in near Madison has a full kitchen, free Internet, free laundry downstairs, a DVD player, a heated pool, and a sitting area.

It is now 7:00 and I am finally going to go and sit down for a little while before I head to give Brextin a bath - aaahh one more day has been completed -

Keep the prayers coming!!

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