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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our days just got longer :-)

Our days will now become longer - since our guy is so little - he really needs his naps - and he has decided to take them during his therapy time - which isn't going to work - so I asked the therapists if we could do some schedule changes and they were willing to help us out - so currently this is what our schedule will be . . .
5:30 rise and shine
7:00 leave the road
8:15 Dive
9:30 - 11:30 nap (I am crossing my fingers he will actually will nap here - I have no idea where I am going to go during these two hours)
11:45 therapy
2:15 Dive
4:00 therapy
6:00 head to my cousin's home

When our little guy is tired there is nothing than can wake him - today the therapist even placed two Popsicles into his hands and he hardly even flinched - then even rubbed an ice-cube around his neck - I know it sounds cruel - but the therapists were trying to do an evaluation on him so they could plan out his agenda and goals while we are down here - but they will need to wait until tomorrow - he was awake for 2 hours - they had him walking on a treadmill while attached to bungee cords - but he wasn't really walking - all he wanted to do was jump.

Our first 3 dives were at a 1.3 atmospheres of pressure and the 4th one today was at a 1.5 which means we dove deeper - I was nervous that we might see seizures - but I never did - thankfully. I have been nervous about his ears - since he is unable to tell me if his ears hurt - I had Dr.VanDyke take a look at them today - and he said they appeared to be fine. I have been bringing in Cheerios into the chambers so he has something to suck on while we go deeper - since he unable to yawn or swallow to clear the pressure in his ears (it is the same feeling as you are on an airplane)

Even though he slept for 2 hours earlier today - he was also able to sleep through his 4th oxygen dive - and I thought I could take a nap as well - but since it was the first time diving at 1.5 - I wanted to stay awake and make sure he didn't have any seizures.

I myself am doing ok - I do have a pounding migraine as I am typing his blog and am very anxious to go and lay down for a little while after I cook dinner.

My husband was able to figure out Skype - so we were able to see each other via webcam - that was really nice - so I was able to read a bedtime story to my older son - even though he is 3 hours away - gotta love technology! Plus the video call was FREE!!

I am so glad we invested in a Tom Tom it has been a life saver while I am exploring areas that I have never been to. Lately I just take the same roads every time - but have ventured out to find a Super Target.

Keep praying for progress - currently I am thankful that no seizures have appeared and no set backs!

No new photos since he slept most of the day.

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