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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday morning - a day of rest :-)

Brextin decided to rise and shine at 5:30 this morning - but I stayed in bed and listened to him babble until 6:30.

Last night we ended up meeting Rebecca and Eliza - we visited them at their hotel room and it was really nice to connect with another parent who can relate to having a child with special needs - I didn't realize it but Eliza has already completed 80 other HBO dives someplace else other than the WI HBO center - Rebecca believes she has seen wonderful success so far and has decided to keep doing more dives.

Then we began to discuss how much each oxygen session was and about the deal to stay in the hotel for an extra $1,000 - little and behold - she is paying the same amount for the dives and only paying $450 more to stay in the hotel which offers a full kitchen (for the full 30 days) - I was told it would have been an extra $1,000 to stay in the hotel and that is why I searched out relatives to stay with ($1,000 is a ton of money - these days - and the decision was needed before we had the benefit) - I am forever grateful that I have wonderful relatives that are allowing me to stay - (I just don't like the fact that I feel as if I am imposing on their life for over 30 days - Brextin tends to make some loud screeching noises and when he bounces in his bouncer it tends to be quit loud) but if we would have stayed in the hotel (I wouldn't have displaced my cousin) - I wouldn't have the extra 60 minutes to commute (Plus the hotel is located right ACROSS the street from the intensive therapy center -I walked there tonight) and I would have been able to have Brextin and myself relax in their pool - sometime life is not fair as to why everyone is not treated equally - I booked in January and so did Rebecca - ooh well - I guess life goes on and I am forever grateful that we are seeking the oxygen dives for our son to hopefully benefit him - and have met a real nice friend to boot and so has Brextin.

He stayed awake last night for speech and the therapist said that he has good tongue movement and is hopeful she will be able to possibly get him to speak some new sounds before the intensive therapy sessions are done. Then came the second session of physical therapy and guess what he fell asleep again - but Lynn was able to get him to wake up with some cold water and he actually stayed up until we left the hotel around 8:00.

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