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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A swim date with Rebecca and Eliza

Yesterday - we headed into town around 1:30 to attend the open house activities at the WI HBO center but it was a little awkward - the center offered a ton of fun activities for the kids to do - however, since our son is unable to do any of those activities - I felt a little out of place - I did call up Rebecca (we meet through the list serve with micro kids from Yahoo) and she came around 2:30 - but I ended up inquiring about other services that were offered next store. Right next store to the HBO center is a business which offers CranioSacral Therapy (CST) - currently Brextin receives this at the Special Children Center in Hudson WI and as he gets his weekly massages as well - but since his current therapists down here do not offer it - I was glad to see that he would still be able to receive it -

The center just opened up and is well trained in working with young children and will eventually do the therapy while in the oxygen chambers which would be awesome - his is able to nap while this type of therapy is given so he is scheduled to be seen after his first dive tomorrow and plan on having at least one treatment a week - - if you were interested in learning more about CST you can read more about it at the link above.

After the open house - Brextin had Physical therapy for 2 hours - then we walked to the hotel to meet Rebecca and Eliza for a swim date - I am thinking about seeing how much it would be to stay in the hotel - I have already paid $40 in gas by going back and forth from Wednesday through Saturday so driving back and forth is adding up -

Rebecca's husband and oldest daughter came up last night to stay for a week - and we went for a quick swim before we left for the evening - Brextin was even moving his legs and arms a little while wearing his fashion neck ring.

Today - being Sunday - we are chilling because tomorrow begins a busy week - we are going to begin our first 5 day therapy week - since last week our first dive started on a Wednesday -

I believe we are going to try to use Skype again tonight so I am able to see the rest of my family - I love the fact that it is totally free!!

Keep the prayers coming!!

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