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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Only 10 more days :-)

Only ten more days until we hit the road for therapy - I am so excited!!

We have been seeing more seizures - he had three yesterday and one the day before during his body massage - they are not lasting that long - I think about 45 to 60 seconds - his body just locks up and freezes - (he turns pink and his mouth starts to tremble) When we see the seizures occur there really isn't anything we can do - I just hold him tight and reassure him that we are here and that everything is going to be OK -

We haven't seen any seizures for awhile - so this saddens me - but we will push forward and continue to pray that he will conquer the seizures and delays.

We just purchased a ton of therapy items to help with oral motor skills (z-vibe and attachments)- (Ark Therapeutic) This is one of the companies that we purchased the items from - boy were they helpful - they even suggested a drinking cup for him - and currently he has even began to suck a little through a straw - it has been amazing. The Cip Kup is the name of the new cup - it sure beats feeding him by a syringe.

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