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Monday, May 25, 2009

The count down has begun for HBO

Only 16 more days remain until we seek Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy along with therasuit training - Brextin is fighting a terrible cold and I am hoping he will get over it soon - I am uncertain if he will be allowed to do the Oxygen therapy treatments if he has a head cold-

I have not heard back from our insurance company in regards to his $10,000 helicopter ride back in October - we were able to obtain records from the ER - and I have faxed the papers to the insurance company - and now I just found out that our school district is thinking about changing our insurance company - due to a 20% increase in our cost.

I feel so bad for our district - because our son is probably the reason due to the increase - I sure wish we were not in the boat that we are "medically" - but I am grateful for our loving son and I am forever grateful for the insurance that we have for our son - and truly enjoy working for the school district that I work for. Since birth our son has incurred over $300,000 in medical costs - It is amazing how much medical costs - are these days

I just heard word from a list serve that I belong to from yahoo groups that there will be another family who will be doing HBO at the same center at the exact same time - so I am anxious to meet her and her daughter (talking with other parents who can relate have been a god sent to me)

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