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Saturday, May 2, 2009

We had another scare

On Thursday night - I was jumping Brextin in his Merry Muscles - when all of a sudden he fell to the ground - the jumper's bungee cord ripped in half - luckily he has a trampoline under him - which helped a ton - he was startled - but appeared to be fine - I contacted the company right away - and they called me back 10 minutes after I sent my email - The company is in Canada - and the jumper is designed by an OT Occupational Therapist - they have asked me to send them back the broken jumper so they can analyze the damage - so they can hopefully prevent future incidents -

I am torn between getting a new one and not ever using it again (I still have nightmares of seeing him fall)- Brextin did use the jumper for one year before anything ever happened - but he truly loves to bounce - if you were to check his older post you could check out a video of him jumping and using the merry muscles - He appears to be a different kid while he is in the jumper - he smiles and giggles, and is very very active - which helps him to strengthen his muscles - but I grantee that I will never leave him alone while jumping and will always inspect the device before he is allowed to jump - I know that I am going to be very cautious each and every time we use it - I advise all parents who use a merry muscle jumper - always inspect the device before you place your child in it.

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