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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

You may or may not know - but Brextin was actually born on Mother's Day - his birthday this year will be on Wednesday - the 13th - he will be TWO - it has been an amazing two years - having many ups and downs -

I myself have not been feeling all that well - and plan to go to the doctor soon - I am thinking it is due to stress and thinking too much about his up coming therapy sessions in Madison - Our first session will be one month away - it will take place on June 10th and I am getting very very anxious!!

I haven't been able to buy a ton of toys for Brextin for his birthday since he is unable to use many of them - but I did buy a Fisher Price sing and stage - every time he strikes a button (kinda like the switch -that his speech therapist has been using) a song is played and there is a mirror that he can look at - and lights begin to flash as songs are being played - I am hoping he is able to hit the button to activate the songs -

I am very excited for the gardening season to begin - it a wonderful way for me to have an outlet - I love getting my hands in the dirt and to see the results throughout the Summer.

We are on our way to enjoy a Mother's day brunch with my wonderful mother and grand-mothers - hope your day will be enjoyable!

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