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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things are NOT good!

Brextin is currently at St. Paul - having another EEG done - he had two seizures yesterday and at least 6 more today - one that lasted over 2 minutes. They were going to give him some velum but luckily the seizure stopped. Since Keppra isn't working we are going to try trileptal, lamictal, or tegretol. I think our first attempt will be the trileptal drug - but they plan on keeping on Keppra - as well. I would prefer not to give him a cocktail - but at this moment in time - I just wish I could stop seeing my son having to suffer through all of these seizures - It is really making me depress especially since he is approaching his 3rd birthday next week.

After some of his seizures today he looked very lethargic, pale, short of breath, he was even experiencing hot flashes. His oxygen levels even dropped as low as 70% during one of his seizures that happened while he slept. These are the ones that scare me the most!

We sure need the prayers - and I mean a ton of prayers!!!


  1. I'm sorry that you guys are struggling. We'll be hoping and praying that whatever new drug you try will help.


  2. Randi and Andy, please know I am praying for comfort for all of your family. Brextin was a little angel. Lisa Buenger