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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Brextin!!!

Today we will be picking our healthy boy up at the funeral home and taking him home in an adorable urn where he will be spending his 3rd birthday with us, his parents and big brother. We will also be picking up 4 balloons. One balloon will read, Happy 3rd birthday - this one will be laid on his resting spot in Forest Hill Cemetery, where the other 3 balloons will be released to the skies of heaven.

He will be forever in our hearts!

Our local newspaper did a wonderful follow up article on our son - it was titled,
"Joys, challenges of young boy's life remembered"

Here is the link - unfortunately they are now making people pay to read the article - but maybe in the days to come it will be available through a different website.


  1. Happy Birthday to him! And I read the article in the was very nice of them to follow up on Brextin.

  2. Randi- that was a very nice article. Your birthday celebration sounds very special. We've been thinking of you and Andy. Kristy and mike.