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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holding on

Our son's service yesterday was beautiful, a wonderful gal who has touched our lives forever gave a heart warming eulogy, my husband and I were able to share some long lasting memories with our family and friends, his music therapist performed "beautiful boy" which summed his life up in two words, and a wonderful student performed a song that he had written for our little Brexy. All in all - a very memorable day - we will certainly miss our little angel!

We were to lay him to rest today - however my husband and I thought things were moving to fast - so we have decided to slow life down - and bring him back home - his body will be cremated and placed in a beautiful urn and join us once again in our loving home.

We are doing a couple of things in remembrance of his life :

The first thing - will be to purchase a granite brick (8" X 16") that will be placed at a local zoo in his memory - that will read . . . "In memory of Brextin - our Brexy Doodles - May 2007 - May 2010)" that will placed in an area just for special children who left our world way to early.

The second thing - is a memory garden will be created (a landscaper is actually coming today) it will be filled to the max with a ton of sun flowers and forget me not flowers.

I am really overly whelmed with the love and support of friends, neighbors, family and even strangers! God Bless our little Brexy!

1 comment:

  1. The service was very beautiful, Randi. The music therapist and your student's songs were very touching.
    Mike has been talking about playing some "backyard baseball" with Andy--we'll have to stop over soon- I'd love to see your sunflower garden. I'm sure it will be gorgeous.
    We're thinking about you and you're in our prayers.
    Your old neighbor,
    Amy Gust