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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brextin's life is passed on . . .

We have passed along all big items to about 8 to 9 local families in hopes that Brextin will live on through their children. These are some of the items that we used and found to be invaluable: (this is the wonderful neck ring we used for swimming, water therapy, and bathing) (this was his wheelchair - Otto Back Kimba stroller/wheelchair) The base came off so it could have been placed on a spider base - Brextin could sit on the floor so we never took the seat off of the base. (A great site for oral motor tools and special cups) (We used the z-vibe and many attachments - we had a ton more tools than any therapist had that we visited)

Here is the link to the special cups that we used and this is the link for our honey bear that we used to squeeze liquid into his mouth - Exercise mat. We did his at home exercises on a mat like this. Folding wedge - this was used to work on rolling and for sitting on an angle. (site for the wingbo - a great therapy swing) We bought ours off of Craigslist - best investment. (soft sitter chair - ours needed the replacement straps since we never used them and misplaced them) (This is what he bounced in - it also comes in one for children with special needs -

Therapy centers: Lake/Chetek) (Hudson) (Madison)

Oxygen center - (Madison)

MEDEK therapy -

Special needs bumbo chair (we never used this): or

Special needs chair for grocery carts (we never used this) -
They are working on one for bigger children as well (A good catalog for toys and other items)


  1. I want to thank you for sharing your experience and all of the helpful links. It really makes a difference for families searching for advice, familiarity and adaptive equipment. My sister was so excited when I sent her this link. Thanks for all you do. XOXO

  2. Chelsea ^ is my sister and sent me the link to your page. You have shown us options to help our daughter that I've never seen before and it truly made my day. Thank you so much for sharing your story.