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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The stone is in!!

We placed Brextin's memory stone into Irvine Park this past Friday and I absoultely love it!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brextin's memory stone is in - it will be placed in the ground this Friday!

We just got notified that Brextin's 8 X 16 stone has been delivered to Irvine Park - So this Friday we will be meeting as a family to watch the grounds crew place it near the two bear statues. Plus I had a landscaping company come yesterday to provide an estimate for his memory garden - our first landscaper fell through - so I am hoping this company will shine threw.

I am so close to printing this blog into a book - I have found a wonderful site that allows it to be very easy - but will wait until I can add photos of his memory stone and of his memory garden.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thrift sale was a success!

The thrift sale was a success - a very trying day for me - especially when I saw his walker and his rocking horse go- yet the money will be used to create a scholarship to honor his name and life so it was a very meaningful day as well.

We just got notified that his memory brick is in - to be placed in our local park or zoo - so we are now just waiting to hear when it will be "placed" into Irvine Park. I am excited to see it - Brextin's brick will be the very FIRST one that will include a photo.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brextin's Scholarship Thrift Sale

This week will be another sad yet promising week. We will be selling most of Brextin's items in a two day thrift sale. All proceeds will be put towards a scholarship that we are creating to honor his memory and name. I have kept at least two boxes of items that help me recall the most happy and eventful moments of his short life.

Some of the items include:
* Baptism outfit
* Past Birthday/Christmas gifts
* Some of my favorite outfits that I lOVED seeing him in
* His favorite chew/rattle toys (there were a ton)
* His recent shoes and his "dinosaur" AFO shoes"
* His winter hat (which he never kept on) and coat
* His glasses (I can still envision him taking these off while I was driving and seeing them fly throughout the van) What a naughty boy.
* A TON of photos and videos (especially this blog) I am forever grateful that I kept a journal of his life- we were NEVER told that he would live a short life. (I still need to find the time to make it into a book)
* A special dog that he got from Rochester Mayo (A pound puppy - that each time you would pat his back he would bark - no switch was needed - his tail would also wag)
* Three Linus blankets that he got throughout his short life (the 4th one is in heaven with him)
* All of his Leader Telegram articles
* Plus a ton of other items
* A special pair of pj's that we saw him standing up in for the first time while holding onto a toy. We were so impressed with him!

Gosh I miss our little guy (it sure is quiet around our house without any babbling) but fully understand he is at a better spot where he is able to enjoy a totally different life style - where he is seizure/vomiting free and is able to run freely with my other relatives that are in heaven as well.

I am hoping for the thrift sale to be a success and we will be able to add the money to his scholarship account. It will however be a very sad day to see his items go - but comforting knowing that they will be put to good use by other little boys and girls.