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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pay it forward

Today we gave gifts for Brextin's birthday -

First we visited the school in which he was scheduled to attend and donated his adaptive bike.

Second -we visited the assitive technology teacher and donated his glitter/music/vibrator base pin toy

Third we visited our local food pantry and donated his baby food/spoons and diapers

Fourth we returned a switch we got on loan from our local UCP office

Fifth we dropped of medical supplies to a local man who was diagnosed with cancer and currently doesn't have any insurance to pay for feeding tube items

After we did all of the above we went to a monument store and picked out his flat headstone. That was pretty tough - we have decided to have some sunflowers engraved on it and an etching of his memory garden up in the corner. My husband and myself will be listed on his headstone as well as our resting spot - we figured our oldest son would be laid to rest with his future family.

We also released three balloons into the air in hopes they would hit heaven to be with our big birthday boy who turned 3 today!

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  1. You are a truly inspiring family. I've been thinking of you guys constantly since last Friday and just wanted to thank you again for sharing Brextin's life with us. I am happy that today, on his 3rd birthday, he is not sick anymore and is not having any seizures. Many hugs and prayers to your family from mine in Maryland.
    Kari, Jayden's Mom
    Yahoo IS group