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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking into an adaptive bike for Brextin's 3rd birthday

We have two trikes that allow us to push him - but they are not intended for special needs children so I need to figure out a way to adapt them. I am looking into pedal adaptive that would allow us to Velcro his feet to - so when we push him - his legs would actually spin - but at this website they want $78 - are you NUTS!! Why is it that everything that is needed for our children costs so much money. I am seeking out my relatives to see if anyone can be creative - and make them for us cheaper -

Another website that looked promising is They might even donate a bike to your special needs child if a therapist/doctor refers you and there is a financial need. They offer different accessories that might be helpful to adapt one of his bikes to fit his needs.

I also went to and found these bikes as a possibility: (I really like this one) (I really like this one)

I allows find it tough to find gifts for our special little guy - but I think this would make a wonderful third birthday gift - so when we go on walks he won't have to be in a stroller or his wheelchair. Can anyone else recommend any other suggestions?


  1. Randi-I bet my dad could figure out something similiar to the picture of the pedal straps. I bet if you had a bike-he could make them to fit. It looks like it is just boards cut to fit, screwed together and has velcro...I can't believe they want that much for them! INSANE! Let me know if we can help-I bet we could adapt any bike-there are other push bikes out there that aren't as much $$ and we could custom make it!

  2. Carrie who??? Moen??

  3. Got it - I appreciate the help - our daycare provider is going to create some pedals - I plan on bringing our two trikes to their home to see if any of the bikes will fit him - our physical therapist wants one with a higher back - and wants me to purchase a high back adapter for $97 - I'll be dang if I pay $97 for an adapter - I will buy another trike with a higher back if needed - I sure do appreciate you reading our son's blog!