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Saturday, February 27, 2010

First day of no Vigabitran - send us a ton of prayers!

Today was the first day of no Vigabitran - currently no seizures - yet we usually don't experience any seizure changes until day 4 or 5 into the med change. He is still taking 3ml of generic Keppra in the morning and at night. The only big thing we have experienced are the blow out diapers - he has massive blow outs - we are uncertain if it is due to the meds or if it is because he has a terrible cold. Whenever he gets a cold - he gets them bad - each time he coughs - it is as if he is going to throw up - at times he does throw up and other times he doesn't- his eyes only water. That is the biggest thing that I hate - is when his left eye begins to shed a tear. It seems to be quite often - yet I have not idea why the tear comes down only one eye. I just hope he isn't hurting inside.

A miracle did occur today - I got out and went to the spa - I had a 30 minute massage, sat in a chaise lounge, listened to their waterfall, drank a glass of water, read some magazines, and then stepped into their steam shower and then headed back to reality - but boy was it 2 hours of being in heaven!!

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