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Monday, June 29, 2009

A wonderful weekend and Monday!

Grandma and Brextin
Brayden pushing Brextin

Hives on Brextin's foot

Brother's how sweet!

What a wonderful weekend - it was nice to escape with my husband and oldest son along with my parents to the Dells - I will try to post some pictures later tonight - I am updating the blog from Brextin's therapy center - and do not have the correct cables along -
Nothing surprises me anymore - we very seldom get to enjoy a relaxing event without something occurring with our little angel - Brextin - we have no idea - if it was the heat or the chlorine but his legs broke out with hives - He has swam in other public pools - but maybe the Wilderness has a Very high level of chlorine - plus his body is unable to sweat - due to the seizure med - called toppamax.
This is what it says on the Internet - One of the drug's side effects is inadequate sweating -Some children who take Topamax may not sweat enough in hot weather, causing their body temperatures to rise, sometimes to dangerous levels. Children should be monitored in hot weather to be sure they sweat appropriately. or

Today was a fantastic day! I will attach a video of Brextin walking with a walker - he was actually taking steps and he walked back and forth in the therapy room - it was amazing - he also was balancing himself on the dizzy disk really well as well. Plus one of his therapist used a flashlight to shine on a book and his eyes followed the flashlight to the different pages - it was really nice to hear about these improvements - We are currently have finished 26 dives -

I am wondering if I can do a photo album - if not I will post a couple of photos in a couple different posts -

Keep the prayers coming - I sure do appreciate all of the letters along with the prayers that have been sent - my cousin has been forwarding the mail onto me - feel free to leave a comment on his blog as well - I have changed it now that you do not need to be a register user.

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