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Monday, March 29, 2010

We won - we won we won!!!

We won a promotion through a local radio station. You had to submit in 95 words or less - why we deserved a "Get Away" I had a hard time limiting our story to 95 words. The "Get Away" includes two round trip tickets to Chicago - and a make over from a local beauty/tanning salon "The Tannery". I am so thankful for this trip - I am hoping it will rejuvenate our lives. The radio station will be contacting me soon - to tell me more about the winning package.

I had bumped into a wonderful gal the other day who mentioned that her special daughter sees a pediatric epileptic doctor at a children's hospital in MN (the doctor actually specializes in nothing but pediatric epilepsy) - and she very HIGHLY recommended a particular doctor - so I called today - to see if we could get an appointment for Brextin - and luckily we did (plus our insurance will cover the appointment and hopefully the procedures) - however I will need to miss another 2 days of work while he gets another EEG done. As I talked to them - they had indicated they usually keep the kids at least 2 - 5 days to get an accurate EEG reading - we have never had a EEG lasting longer than 48 hours.

I am hoping they suggest he receives a PET scan - which would allow us to locate his “seizure focus” to help conquer his epileptic seizures?

I emailed our Neuro doctor that we currently see - to see if he thought he would be a surgical candidate - however he responded with this . . . I do not think that Brextin is a surgical candidate because of his multifocal epileptiform discharges, but I will ask our senior pediatric epilepsy specialist.

We love our neurologist that we currently see at Rochester Mayo - but we have never had a second opinion - so we are now exploring that option.

He has been having about 2 to 3 seizures a day lately.


  1. Congratulations on the getaway!!!

  2. How exciting about the Get Away trip! You guys deserve it!!
    I'll be anxious to hear about your appointment at the children's hospital in MN.
    Take care.