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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More and more seizures!!

I had a terrible night last night - Andy has been away for the weekend for a racquetball tournament - so I have had the boys to myself - and I was blessed to have our daycare provider take them Friday night because last night was horrible. Here is how it went:
11:00 Brextin had a seizure (he did throw up this time)
11:30 - my oldest son - yells "I'm hot"
12:00 Brextin has another seizure
1:00 Our dog had to go outside
1:30 Brextin had another seizure (never threw up) plus our oldest son had to go to the bathroom
2:00 Brayden wanted colder water to drink
2:30 Brextin had another seizure (never threw up)
4:00 Our oldest son asked to climb into my bed
5:00 Brextin had another seizure (never threw up)
8:00 Brextin had another seizure - (never threw up) decided it was time to get up and get our lovely day started :-)
8:30 My oldest son is still sleeping in our bed - and I am jealous - :-)
8:40 Brextin had another seizure while being fed

I do hope that our oldest son is feeling better today - it didn't appear as if he had a fever this morning which is a good thing - I have decided to increase Brextin's seizure meds to 3.6 of the generic Keppra.

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