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Saturday, March 20, 2010

One, three, six, nine, thirteen seizures in one day - Lord help!

He had one seizure for daddy yesterday morning, four for our daycare provider, four for me after I picked him up from daycare and then four more while he slept (that we woke up to - who knows how many we missed). We have no idea why we are seeing an increase. We had been seizure free for one week on 3.8 of generic Keppra and as of this morning we increased his amount to 4.5 in hopes it will help. It usually takes about two days before the increased amount actually takes into effect.

Luckily he hasn't been tired after any of the seizures that I have seen. They usually last around 30 seconds and then he continues doing what he was doing - whether it is eating, or playing with his chew toy - these past seizures haven't been making him tired at all.

I bumped into two wonderful gals yesterday in the waiting room while Brextin was getting his weekly massage - they were parents of children who are older who also have disabilities and they even passed along their contact information so we can continue to talk. They told me that even though the future might seem iffy - things will be ok - by taking each day by day. It is just amazing how therapeutic their talk was to me - it was priceless!

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