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Friday, April 2, 2010

New type of seizures??

We have been noticing a different type of seizure lately - his face begins to get red botches (warning sign to us) then his body begins to twitch (watch his arms and legs) and often he throws up afterwards -

I changed our date for the new EEG - since they are interested in having us for about 3 to 5 days I decided to wait until school was out - so his EEG at the Children's Hospital in MN will be in June. His AIT therapy will be pushed forward another week - so he will receive that training the third and forth week in June.

Plus we were just notified of a center near us that will allow our son to ride a horse for FREE - amazing - unfortunately the owner is out of town this week so we will have to wait another week - but we checked out two other centers near us - one wanted $140 for 6 sessions (I signed up for this - which was before we were told about the free lessons) but I haven't heard if they accepted our registration (I am hoping we can cancel) and the other center near us asked for $300 for 10 sessions. I am so excited to try horse back riding for Brextin and the best thing is that the riding center is about 10 minutes away from our house and not 45 miles away!!


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you today Randi, Brextin, and Brextin's grandmother. I will strive to always give you my best. Thank you for all you do for Brextin, your love for him is evident. I wish and pray that there were more parents like you for the little ones in need. Heidi, OT at NETC

  2. It was wonderful meeting you, your mom and Brextin! I look forward to working with Brextin and all of you and will do my best as your Speech Pathologist to facilitate his communication and feeding. The Blog is beautiful and is evident on all that you do for your family. Becky Lundeen, MATCCC/SLP at NETC