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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spread the word - end the Word!!

One of my high school students came to school with a shirt that read . . . stop the r-word and I loved it and commended her for wearing it in support of all children who have challenges. (she had gotten it through her girl scout troop) The slogan is a campaign through the Special Olympics and the Best Buddies organization. (here is a link to their home page) - I truly loved shirt so well that I bought one for myself at . . . scroll down until you see other words - then click on Woman's and scroll down till you see the shirt (it was only $8.00 with about $5.00 for shipping and handling) On the back - it reads . . . Acceptance, Passion, Humanity, Unity, Be a fan of RESPECT - The shirt is made of a very thin material - however I love the saying and the meaning behind the shirt and their slogan -

You can purchase different shirts at their main webpage as well but they were more expensive than going through the best buddies website.

Help spread the word - end the word!!
Help eliminate the use of the R word in everyday speech!

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