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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alternative therapies??

A topic that has been discussed on one of the groups that I belong to via Yahoo - has been on alternative therapies. I still strive each and every day in hopes of finding the miracle therapy that will help advance our son's development - however I am beginning to think - maybe time is the only cure - but how much time - time to me is standing still - to know that my son will be turning 3 next month and still can not crawl, communicate, drink liquids via mouth, stand, or even reach for me is breaking my hopes down.

Some therapies that were mentioned was:
Working with a naturopath
Neurofeedback - it is a way to help your own body regulate the brain's electrical activity
ABR - advanced bio-mechanical rehabilitation
Neurological Reorganization - "Masking" or "Rebreathing" It allows more oxygen into the brain without directly supplying it like with HBOT.
Tomatis - It is listening therapy
Feldenkrais - engaging the child in a process that provides the brain with the conditions and information it needs in order to begin learning
VitalStim - is a new medical break through used in the treatment of swallowing disorders

Has anyone else used these types of therapies?

I just found a center near us that offers VitalStim and Feldenkrais - It would be awesome if Brextin would learn how to suck and swallow. Then we could possibly get rid of his g-tube.

We have talked about getting him tested to see if his body is short on certain supplements - but when I mentioned this to his doctor at Rochester he just told me - often the test is given so the companies can sell their supplements and they are not really looking out for what is best for the child. We do give him fish oils and MB12 shots.

Any ideas or suggestions -

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  1. We have been doing Horse Therapy (Hippotherapy/Therapeutic Riding) for almost a year now. Drew is very low tone and it has done wonders for this core strength.

    Here in Michigan we have found a wonderful center. It costs us about $20 a session.

    Good Luck!