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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The number keeps climbing (8 seizures yesterday)

I am sad to deliver bad news - he had 8 seizures yesterday - we have been in contact with his neuro from Mayo and am trying to figure out the next move - we are going to try to put the wean of vigabitran on hold - if at all possible until we get his seizures under control. We have increased his generic Keppra to 1 ml - we started him at .6 ml.

However I have been told he is doing awesome with working on his suck -

I am excited to be reunited with him tomorrow - but will miss my 8:00 bedtime (I have been going to bed the same time that I put my oldest son to bed - and I have been loving it!!) Our relative will then head back to Madison with Brextin on Sunday and return again on Thursday. He will then will have had 80 oxygen dives.

I will write more once I see him this weekend.

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