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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is this the flu or just an upset stomach??

Brextin was seizure free as of yesterday - however the vomiting has returned - He threw up at least 3 times during the day yesterday - and then last night it got intense - he began to get a cough - so each time he coughed - he basically choked and so we were again parents sleeping with one eye open.

We gave him his nebulizer last night (to help with his breathing) - and just gave him liquids this morning - in hopes he will keep it down. My question to you is how long can you keep a bottle of Pedialyte? Out bottle reads Exp 01/11 however it states that you need to use within 48 hours of opening (we used this bottle a couple of months ago) so does it really need to be thrown out?- The bottle is only 1/4 gone - I would really hate for it to go to waste - and really don't feel like running to the store to get some - knowing I have a full bottle in house.

At this point I chose not to use it - to be on the safe side - but did not toss it - I gave him water and apple juice. I sure hope this is a 24 hour thing -because he is miserable - and I mean miserable - Plus he is to head back to Madison to finish up on his last 8 oxygen dives.

Please pray for his health - he needs to fight this terrible/horrible cold!!

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