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Friday, January 22, 2010

Just an updated video of our little guy.

Nothing new - I just wanted to add a video - I haven't added any lately -
He had a follow up appointment today because of his bloody ear a couple of weeks ago - but everything checked out - OK

Plus he has been making some strange sounds lately with his throat so I added a video of that as well - I had my husband check with the ear/nose/throat Dr. today to see if it was something we should be concerned about - but she said it wasn't anything on her end. Our daycare provider thinks it is a new sound that Brextin is learning to make and that he is interested in hearing himself make the new sound so he is doing it over and over again. hhmm

We have noticed his two lymph nodes that are under his arms are getting larger as well - but currently no one is alarmed by them - but us.

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