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Monday, January 4, 2010

Brextin's coming home early! I am saddened!

I got a phone call today at 3:00 indicating that Brextin would be coming home tonight and not finishing any more oxygen dives this week - he has blood again draining from his ear - and the doctor thinks his tube might have ruptured - not his ear drum - but the tube itself - we have an appointment tomorrow at 9:00 with our local doctor and then we might have to see an ear/nose/throat specialist -

I tell you - we just can not get a break - He is not showing any signs of discomfort which is a positive thing - we will just need to wait and see - at tomorrow's appointment -

Please pray that everything will work out - If we do not continue the dives this month - we will probably need to wait until June, July or August.


  1. I will definitely say a little prayer for you. We are part of the IS group also and planning to go to Wisconsin for the month of March. Its so nerve wracking. You just never know what curve ball will be thrown as you push forward to do everything you can for your baby.
    Ronette (Aaron 14 mo, 1p36 & IS)

  2. Hugs to you - I know how hard it is to put HBOT on hold. You know we weren't diving at the time, but Cici had a time when she had a lot of blood draining from her ear. Turns out that it was a bit of granuloma around the ear tube that was irritated for some reason. We got it cleaned out and put it ciprodex drops and then it was all better. Hope that's all it is!

  3. Hey!
    My daughter Makenzie did HBOT and on the last dive of the first 40 had blood after getting to depth. I took her in and they found nothing! her ear looked great! They did us some drops as well but we never had that happen again!