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Monday, January 18, 2010

I wonder why certain things happen in life?

I thought we were on a right path with the increase of his generic Keppra to 1ml since - Brextin has been 4 days seizure free - however . . .

I just heard from my relative in Madison and they just mentioned that Brextin just experienced a very bad seizure - lasting about 3 to 4 minutes and that they needed to administer Distat - which is a drug that is given in the behind to help end the seizure. I have been informed - it helped end the seizure and that he is currently just in a daze - if he is unable to snap out of it - he will he heading to the nearest ER -

It just burns me - that I am 3 hours away from him and am unable to do anything but pray. Why is it that my son has to go through so many battles and obstacles - hasn't God figured out that my son has had enough road bumps in his life that he deserves to have smooth road ahead of him.

I am so frustrated that I could place my head in a pillow and just scream!! I just wish I could wrap him in my arms - eeergh!! I HATE these seizures!!!


  1. Your post brought back horrible memories from 2007. My daughter was 4 months old and staying with her big brother at their grandparents house while my husband and I were at a wedding in Las Vegas (we live in Michigan). We suspected seizures but were waiting for our appointment for an EEG. The seizures got so bad that my parents made the 1.5 hour drive to see her neuro. While I stood in a smokey casino I got the phone call that that they had done an EEG and were sending her immediately to the Children's Hospital to be loaded up with Phenobarb. The helplessness that we felt was so immense. All we could do was try to fly back home earlier the day we were supposed to leave while Grandma and Grandpa cared for both of my kids. You're not alone! Praying for you & Brextin!!!

  2. It seems that life for some people is just harder from day one than for others. Is it fair? Why does it happen to good people? Why does God allow it to happen? These are questions a lot of good people ask when adversity comes. I've had my share and asked these questions. At some point I decided that God must have very special plans for me or He wouldn't spend so much time sending lessons (repeating some) trying to mould me into what He originally had in mind for me. Brextin 's life has been a series of lessons for you and your family. Lessons in unconditional love, patience, hope, faith . . . . Wouldn't it have been nice and a whole lot easier if God's plan for you was just normal everyday people. But He had a bigger plan for you, and extraordinary plan called Brextin. So when it's tough and you feel like crying or lose hope just remember you were selected for this role because God had faith in your ability to do it. My prayers for you all. Helen