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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 more seizures as of 3:00 today - EERRGHH! Please make them Stop!!

I just called our relative who is taking care of Brextin and they indicated he had 5 seizures as of 3:00 today. We have been struggling with seizure control ever since we ended Topamax this past Thursday. We have been told to continue to increase his generic Keppra until we have seizure control. He is currently on .8ml so we have increased it to .9ml - I have emailed our neuro to get support - but I got an auto response indicating that he is currently out of town - so I called his nurse at Rochester Mayo and she said she would pass along my concern to him in the morning - and that we did the right thing by increasing his meds to .9ml

My husband wishes we never ended Topamax because we had seizure control and I understand where he is coming from - however there has got to be a different drug that will stop his seizures as well other than Topamax. Maybe Keppra won't be our next miracle drug - time will tell - however we are praying for the seizures to end - and for him to begin to enjoy life and further development.

My other concern is that our neuro wants to wean him off of vigabritan as well - starting in one week - since we only have 3 weeks of the medicines left on hand - We will need to wait and see - I am not ok with a wean if we do not have seizure control.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear he is having seizures. I think I read somewhere that HBOT is used to treat seizures but sometimes they get worse before they get better. Is that correct? Have you talked to the doctor there at the center?