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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


MEDEK sure is a wonderful therapy - it sure makes Brextin work hard - it is not a "fun" therapy - the child does not play throughout the therapy - they have to work hard - to work against gravity. I have taken a TON of videos and plan on uploading them once we get back - I am currently using my Uncle's computer and don't want to download the videos to his computer - but I promise I will load them on once we get back. Our first appointment was 10:15 and then our second one was at 7:30 - but he had someone cancel so we got moved up to 6:00. We struggled to find things to do in-between appointments - we did manage to find a zoo and then a couple of strip malls - but the temperature was 98 degrees so it was a struggle just to stay cool.

Again - no seizures yesterday - Yippee!!!

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