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Friday, August 7, 2009

We are heading to New Jersey!!

We fly out tomorrow - yippee - sadly he is still having seizures - about 2 every day - unfortunately the seizures tend to wear him out so he sleeps a lot during the day and is unable to move around and work on his development.

I sure wish we could avoid the feeding tube - I am typing this as I am trying to feed him - since he pools his liquid in his mouth for such a long time - I am able to type in-between as he slowly swallows -

I have asked my fellow friends on the Infantile Spasms list serve - and some say do all that you can do to avoid the tube - I strongly feel as if we have - we are just running out of patience - while others say it was the best thing they could have done for their child -

I am torn - I just know that I want to make feeding time enjoyable for the both of us - and know that the time is right -

I just wish I had another month off from teaching so we didn't have to do it so close to his MEDEK therapy -

Please continue to pray - for our safe return.
Please continue to pray for an improvement on his development.
Please continue to pray to end all seizures.
Please continue to pray for strength to hold our family together - the stress of our wonderful child can take a toll on any one's family.
Please continue to pray that feeding will improve with out any complications.
Please continue to pray for all children who are special in all of our lives - I have met some wonderful children in the past few years who could use some extra prayers - such as Eliza, Elijah, Gavin, Sara and all the other children who I have met through the yahoo list serves.

Thank you to all who have said prayers for our wonderful child they are very much appreciated!

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