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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surgery went well - we are back at home.

The surgery went well - we stayed over night in the hospital for observation and so far everything looks good. He is already sitting up today and is willing to stand while holding onto our fingers - He was fed via pump and feeding tube throughout the night and this morning we were able to feed him by mouth and then by a bolus feed - this is when we are able to place liquid into a syringe and allow the milk or formula drain into his stomach by gravity. The first time was uneventful. However I can not say the same when it comes to medicines - we thought it would be useful to use during medicine time as well - however his seizure meds get caught in the tube and actually cause a blockage so we are going to ask to get the med in a pill form instead of the sprinkles.

I must say the first time I looked at his g-tube on his stomach it caused me to tear up - but in the long run I really feel it will be very beneficial to him.

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