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Monday, August 3, 2009

Brextin's in Pain

The only time Brextin cries is when he is in pain - such as constipation, getting blood drawn, receiving a shot, etc - however lately he has been crying A LOT - for the past couple of days and we are stumped - I am awaiting for a phone call from our local doctor so she can check and see if he has a sore throat or another ear infection. I have placed my fingers into his mouth and I believe he has a tooth that is popping through that might be bothering him and giving him pain - but it is very hard to see him cry as much as he has - I did give him some tooth meds last night and a pain reliever as well - but it only lasted a couple of hours - and so we are very strung out on sleep.

I am hoping he is relieved of his pain soon. Here is a video of Brextin crying - I just hate to see him cry.

We have also been thinking very highly on getting a feeding tube for him - it has taken me over 1 hour to feed him a 4 ounce container of pureed baby food and 7 ounces of fluid - We feed him three times a day - so this takes over 3 hours of my day - and it is very time consuming - he often just keeps his liquid into his mouth and just pools it -

We are however excited for our trip for this Saturday to explore MEDEK therapy - we have not bought flight insurance so I am hoping his crying isn't anything serious.

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