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Friday, August 21, 2009

MEDEK 5th day

We had two sessions lasting 45 minutes on our 5th day of MEDEK therapy - but on our last visit - our therapist created a home exercise program for us - and the videos are to long to included on this blog - but I will try to post as many videos as I can.

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  1. This is so amazing, I'm awed by the therapist's techniques and by Brextin's ability to respond so positively despite his obvious displeasure at his limbs being manipulated so much (he seems tired and his crying breaks my heart)it reminds me of whenever my son has a procedure to do or bloodtests etc, you know its for his own good but you cant help feeling wretched especially when he looks at you while crying, as if to say "mom make it stop", it just tears me up everytime. Your blog is a wealth of good information that i'm sure we can all benefit from. God bless you and all the best.
    Teri - Kiki's mom