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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today we saw New York - boy was it an adventure.

We ventured into New York today - it was suppose to be raining all day - with a chance of severe storms - which was a concern to us - since we had Brextin along- but luckily we saw NO rain - we were able to make it to - Battery Park (Statue of Liberty), Times Square, and Central Park. We even were able to sit in a lawn chair on 7th Avenue and face Times Square - so we purchased shirts that read - I "lounge" New York!

Tomorrow morning is when he begins his Medek therapy - he has been a good trouper throughout our adventures.

We have schedule surgery to be on that Tuesday after I come back for a feeding tube - I sure hope we are making the right decision - it is so stressful to feed him liquids - and hopefully we can pump more nutrients into him.

We are also in the process of scheduling more oxygen treatments - I will spend my Christmas vacation in Madison - and Andy will complete the other 22 sessions after me. I just got done reading about Elijah (a friend of Brextin's) who has done 3 (40) sessions of oxygen treatments and have seen wonderful results - he has actually caught up to his peers that he no longer is receiving physical therapy - gosh how I pray for success for Brextin.

Pray for success for us tomorrow - I sure hope we will be able to find the therapy center and more importantly - hopefully he will stay awake!! He will have two sessions a day for 5 days.

OOH ya - good news!! I have not seen ANY seizures for TWO days - which is amazing!!!

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