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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Therapy update

I did not have time to download any videos today - in fact - I will probably wait until I get back to Wisconsin to download anymore videos -

He is doing a great job during the therapy - and amazingly staying awake - he is however very tired throughout the session and often falls asleep as soon as we leave.

I have been doing my best to use the MEDEK techniques each time I sit or stand Brextin up.

Our last session is at 4:30 tomorrow and then we plan on going out to eat with our uncle John and we might head to NY - but we have been staying grounded a lot- it has been a challenge taking Brextin anywhere lately - we have found not a ton of places around here are handicap accessible and he is getting to heavy to carry for a long period of time - and it can be a challenge taking the stroller up and down steps - even if we fold it.

We board our plane - very early on Saturday - I selected an early flight so I can make it back home to attend a co-worker's wedding. Since it can be a challenge to find a sitter for our special child - I will probably take him and my oldest son with me to the wedding.

Currently the only person willing to take our son is my mother and since she has been with me throughout this trip (I am forever thankful for her help during this adventure)- she deserves a break - I think it is time I check into respite services in our area - I have always been scared leaving him with a stranger - and hoping he is in good hands - I think there is a lady who attends Our Savior's Lutheran Church who is respite certified and she mentioned to me that her very own son's had epilepsy - so maybe I will give her a call when I get back.

Brextin has been through a ton of events in his short life and I can only pray for the best for him and our family. My heart and prayers go out to each and every family who is battling the same situation as ours - it sure can be a battle to remain strong at all times.

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