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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wingbo - Brextin on his new swing

I am been hoping I could get a good video of him on his new Wingbo swing - but by the time we get a chance to use it - he is ready to go to bed - so here is a video of him - but I am hoping to get a better video of him this weekend - currently he is also struggling with another BAD head cold - the poor guy just not get a break.


  1. This is a test to see if comments are now being able to be posted. Brextin's mom

  2. HI!
    Thanks for contacting me!
    Brextin is adorable!!!
    I'm glad to see that you got the wingbo; i think you will all like it so much better if you get it hanging up by the ceiling. He'll actually get to swing.
    I would love to stay in touch.
    And I would like to hear how you feel about medek, and how the therapist in NJ is.
    I am so sorry that we are all on this 'journey'; but it sure is nice to connect with some great families.