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Monday, December 28, 2009

Brextin had his first seizure in the chamber today

He had his first seizure today in the chamber (during this 40 dives) - he was in the middle of a nap and out of no where a seizure occurred - his eyes popped right open and you just know that it is coming - the worst part - was that he threw up as well - and since I didn't have the bathroom sink with me inside the chamber - we had to wait it out - I just asked our technician to have towels ready for us when we came back up from our dive.

You can only imagine the mess he made in his hood- I just felt so helpless - I couldn't do anything until we were done with the dive- but the second dive went fine -

However our therapist that we saw today for Craniosacral (CS) therapy said she was able to release a lot of tension in his body and head. I just wish we had a therapist locally that performed CS - the price just is a shock to me - it costs just as much as an occupational, physical or speech session. ($90 for 60 minutes) When we see the therapists in Hudson WI - each one of them are trained for CS therapy - but they are still 60 minutes away.


  1. Have you tried going to an Osteopath for Cranial Sacral therapy? My son goes every 2-3 weeks and insurance pays most of it.

  2. I have never heard of a Osteopath - what exactly do they do? How does one find one? I googled Osteopath and our home town and I only found one doctor - but under their specialties - cranial sacral wasn't listed - but I would love to learn more.