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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fianances - do other families struggle?

It seems as if everything we do to try to better the life of our son - seems to be expensive. As I have blogged before - Brextin is only allowed 40 sessions of physical, occupational, and speech therapy a year - and that is combined - which means he only qualifies for - 10 sessions of OT, 20 sessions of PT, and 10 sessions of ST - until we have to pay out of pocket(each therapy sessions costs us $100) - which totally disgusts me - knowing that we have a script from a doctor indicating he really needs more therapy.

He does as well receive birth to three services - but those services cost us as well - we have a monthly pro-rated rate. The therapy sessions are starting to add up - on top of it - we are on our way to try another 40 sessions of oxygen treatments (which are not covered by insurance either) The first time we tried oxygen treatments - it cost us $4500 - this time the center has a deal for those who are returning patients - and we only have to pay $2000. Then of course since the center is located 3 hours away and it is required you do two dives a day for 4 weeks straight - we have to stay in a hotel - which is another $2500 in added costs - Money money and more money - it is all very frustrated -

Most families do not have to spend their hard earn money on therapies - they actually get to take vacations or on toys for themselves - then of course my husband kept me grounded the other day and said we will need to probably back off on some of his therapy treatments knowing a handicap van is in our future- lucky us - I just try to stay positive and continue to pray for further development - Please join me in more prayers and hope for success.

I am getting very anxious for our trip to Madison again - I will continue to post - if we are lucky enough to see any more benefits from his oxygen therapy - (the last time we did the oxygen treatments we did an intensive therapy suit program - that involved 4 hours of therapy each day - and actually our insurance paid for all $9000 of the cost - well not really - I am still waiting for a refund - and it has been over 6 months - but since my school district changed insurance companyies - there is no way that the new insurance company will cover the intensive therapy program - which totally disgusts me knowing that there proven records that most kids see added benefits with the intensive therapy program. I have fought our new insurance company and they will not budge - I truly hate the added financial problems on top of trying to raise a child with extreme needs. Peace be with us!


  1. I can't remember how I found your blog - but I really identify with this - we spend every single extra dollar on therapies not covered by insurance, including HBOT and various other things. One thing that helped us was in our state we can get medicaid without income qualifications, because of a waiver system for disabled kids. Yay for that, because it takes much of the copay burden off us. Oh, and we also will have to get an adapted van in the next couple years. Let the fundraising begin! Hugs!

  2. I hear ya on this one!! I started to add up what it would cost if we did everything I wanted to do for my daughter Makenzie this year. drum roll please.... $33,000. and that is IF the insurance company does what my policy says they should! We have done hbot, stem cells, suit therapy, sensory learning, and now imbark on ABM. It is so hard! I bought my family a new tv this year for Christmas and am still fighting off the guilt thinking about what we additional therapy we could have spent that money on! You are not alone! oh and by the way your son is so handsome!!!

    Makenzie's story can be found at:!