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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are heading home!!

I am happy and sad - I will miss the wonderful gals at the Communication Innovations therapy center - they made us feel so welcomed and they worked so hard with Brextin (they even created a home exercise packet with pictures so we can continue some of the exercises at home - YEA!!) - but am excited about being surrounded by family and friends as well -

Since we have had at least 40 sessions of treatments at the WI hyperbaric oxygen center - we are eligible of getting 40 more sessions at anytime for only $2000 - so over the next 6 months we will be discussing as a family if we think the sessions have been a success - I as a parent know that something is working - either it is the oxygen, the intensive therapy or both combined.

Today while at therapy he reached for a toy in front of him while sitting on his own - which is new for him - he would have reached for a toy in his high chair because of his support around him - but since he was sitting solo - I was amazed that he reached forward with encouragement.

Yesterday at the oxygen center we met an adorable 2 1/2 year old boy who also suffers from epilepsy - whose name is Cainan. Please add him to your prayers as he ventures into oxygen treatments and prays for success - he truly is an adorable boy!

They often say that the oxygen that he has received will stay within his system up until 6 months or so - which means he can continue to see improvements - I will do my best at updating his blog - as much as I can - however since I will be back home with my oldest son and living a busy lifestyle it will be limited -

Please continue to pray for our son in his development, health, as well as for strength - we are forever blessed to have such an adorable hard working son!

We will be back at Rochester Mayo for at least 4 doctor visits - they are just routine check ups - one is for hearing - one is for braces for his feet - and one is for his seizure medication - I am hoping to decrease his dosage of topamax - but since he is still having seizures - this probably won't be a possibility - but the drug carries so many bad side effects that I am hoping to wean him off of it and try a different drug with less side effects.

Again thank you to all of you who follow his blog and his progress - I truly enjoy knowing that so many people care about him - if you were to look at the very bottom of this page you will see a counter - I just began to make this blog a couple of months ago and to see that high number - excites me!!

Thank you thank you thank you - to everyone who has helped us financially to receive oxygen treatments, therapy sessions, and especially the equipment that will be needed to continue the therapy exercises at home - your love and support is highly appreciated!

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