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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brextin standing while leaning on couch!

Here is a video of Brextin standing against a couch - his knees are not buckling and he isn't even bouncing - you have to be near by because he will just tip over - sometimes are better than others - this video is not the greatest as he does tip over and I have to catch him. I might try again later - to see if I could get a better video.

I know our Physical therapist was pleased to see this - he was not doing this before our trip to Madison - she said she knew this because she tried to have him stand before our trip but he would not perform the task.


  1. Way to go Brextin!!! Randi....that is VERY exciting!!!! Hope all is well with you! Any news from insurance? Amy Taebel

  2. This is so awesome! Brextin is moving in the right direction - that's for sure. Rocking on his hands and knees, standing at the couch...such fantastic developments! Woohoo Brextin!