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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A good day.

A good day - we just got home and plan on taking him swimming - he is doing great with a schedule - I wake him up around 6:00 and then he has been sleeping during his first dive at 8:30 - and waking up around a little after 11:00 which allows me time to attempt to feed him (I am still struggling with this - he just doesn't want to swallow - he has been holding the fluids in his mouth) then he is awake for the two hours of therapy- usually Physical (PT) or Occupational therapy (OT) - then he falls asleep on the way to his second dive - which is at 2:30 then he sleeps while in the chambers and then awakes as we are coming up from the dive - I quickly attempt to feed him again - and then he remains awake for his additional hour of either PT or OT then he has one hour of Speech therapy - then often he comes home and takes another nap - I then feed him supper - he is up for about 1 to 2 more hours and then goes back to sleep - he has been waking up due to constipation - I did purchase some prunes and prune juice and am hoping that will help kick start his stools.

He has been walking again with a gait trainer - however if I am unable to take home at least 2 therapist with me - it will be a struggle - we have been walking him in a gait trainer that they have on loan at the therapy center - but tonight I requested he practices with the gait trainer we are borrowing from Elijah since that is the one we have in our possession when we go home -

Good news with our new insurance - as of the first of July we switched to Group Health - at first the Special Children center contacted me and told me they would only cover 6 sessions and then we would need to get a prior-authorization - which makes me nervous -

However . . . at Communication Innovations - where we are getting the intensive therapy at - has told me that I will only need to pay 10% out of my pocket - which is a blessing - the therapy has cost our family $9,000 and we had to pay it up-front - (Since we were with Anthem up until July 1st - I also need to wait for reimbursement - which will take a long time - since we finally got reimbursed for the helicopter ride that he had to take back in October)

I just hope the switch to the new insurance company will be a good transition. Andy has said he will be coming up to visit with Brayden tomorrow and staying until Monday evening - I am expected to be home next Tuesday -

It has been a long - yet short 4 weeks - and I sure hope for improvements on our son - I really believe he has been more active.

Here is a video of him working on standing.

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